Crubuntu Project

Project Status - Pre-Alpha


The purpose of the Crubuntu (Craig's-Ubuntu) Project, is to make an easy to use 'Linux-Spin' which is can be used by college and university students branching into Linux from "the Windows World", with a modernly styled and functional distribution out of the box.

With the main focus showing newer students that Linux is equally, if not more powerful, as a operating system for university work as any alternative.


The Crubuntu spin aims to be similar to Kali Linux, in that rather than "re-invent the wheel" and create a completely new kernel from scratch, it will follow suit to Kali (e.g. Kali is very similar to Debian for example).

Crubuntu will instead use an already popular distribution - Ubuntu, and its variants e.g. Xubuntu (XFCE-Ubuntu), Kubuntu (KDE-Ubuntu) & Lubuntu (LXDE-Ubuntu) and pre-package the OS with essential tools that a student studying Computer Networking requires to proceed with college coursework, as well as functioning as a everyday operating system.

The reason for using Xubuntu & Kubuntu for a base is that the Ubuntu kernel is among the best supported community kernels available, as well as XFCE, KDE & LXDE being a medium-weight environment allowing for a greater access for usage with older hardware.

As well as being a spin of Xubuntu & Kubuntu, all documentation which applies to the Canonical Ubuntu kernel, also applies to the Crubuntu spin, meaning any specific "after-install" customizations can be done following Ubuntu community forums etc. 

This also means that the spin is published under the GNU GPLv3, as is its a spin of its original Xubuntu Kernel with links at the foot of this webpage, and is therefore free to pass-on, alter and improve as you wish.

Crubuntu XFCE

Kcrubuntu KDE

Crubuntu XFCE

Lcrubuntu LXDE

CrubuntuB Gnome



The operating system should then be available as an ISO, which can then be loaded into a virtualisation hypervisor (VirtualBox, KVM, VMware etc) and after some basic configurations, will be functional for all student coursework for his/her modules.

Or similarly, if available, the ISO can be installed on a bare-metal machine and immediately be functional after installation for all essential needs.